“Industrialtechnik” SC was founded over 40 years ago, in the distant 1971 as a subsidiary of DSK “Hydraulics” – Kazanlak. Years later, the company acquired it’s status as one of the best and leading Bulgarian manufacturers of hydraulic pumps, valves and accessories used in hydraulics, the only one manufacturer of IV and V group hydraulic gear pumps.
Our team consists of highly qualified employees with many years of experience in the field of development, acquisition, implementation and production of hydraulic gear pumps. Through modern methods of personnel management we strive to find the optimal ratio between the different groups of specialists – administrative staff, machine engineers, development specialists, employees in the main production – to satisfy the needs of our clients and to expand our production nomenclature, as a result of which we gain a larger market share in our area.


Our main goal and the highest priority is quality in the overall activity of the company. The main line followed by the management is the implementation of policies leading to the development of the manufacturing and export capacity of Industrialtechnik SC in the single and world markets through: investment in new generation of technological equipment; meeting the high requirements and expectations of customers and the market; continuously improving the performance of the quality management system; increasing motivation of staff; training and qualification; improving safe working conditions.
We strive to keep our customers’ trust and trust the credibility of new ones. Industrialechnik SC strive to develop not only a successful but also socially responsible business.
The tactical and operational objectives by the team of “Industrialtechnik” SC are related to the optimization of the production and it’s accompanying processes, at the same time, the investment in other projects of the savings as a result of this. The main part of the production is destined for the external market, which requires precise production planning in terms of time factor.


The production nomenclature of the company includes:

Hydraulic gear pumps groups I, II, III, IV, V – with working volumes from 1 to 147 cm3 and working pressure up to 250 bar;
Double and triple pumps based on the main groups;
Pumps with valves;
Hydraulic blocks and valves;
Hydraulic cylinders;
Spare parts and accessories;
The main clients of “INDUSTRIALTECHNIK” SC are leading companies from all over Europe, Asia, USA, Africa, Middle East. We have built a partnership with more than 250 companies (Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors)
The production range for gear pumps is fully interchangeable with the standard coupling dimensions of the leading manufacturers, such as “Bosch”, “Roquet”, “Casappa”, “Plessey”, “Rexroth”, etc. The INDUSTRIALTECHNIC SC products quality is officially recognized with ISO 9001:2015 ∙ ISO 14001:2015 ∙ ISO 45001:2018.